Dear Molly,

We are here again, Molly. Oh, God, we are here again and we will keep coming here until people finally say: "This is not okay. It is not okay for 20 six-year-olds to go off to school one morning and not come back because some fucked-up asshole decides to resolve his mommy issues with an assault rifle."

Or until people finally say, "It is not okay for a former felon to burn down his house to lure the volunteer firefighters into a kill zone."

It is not okay. This needs to stop.

But it won't stop, the way we're going. Everybody assumed the positions that they always assume when some gun tragedy happens. Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, one of the great minds of the 19th Century, said that if some law-abidin' cit'zens had been packing heat, maybe some of them pore chilluns would be alive.

And we let him say that. Nobody called him out for the bonehead he is. No outrage. No demands to apologize to the parents who had to bury those children, those babies. There should have been.

The cops know this: If untrained civilians were armed and returning fire, the danger would have intensified, and we likely would have been burying some because of friendly fire.

The left has its own problems. It rails about assault rifles and, yes, there should be laws restricting them. But the fact is that the NRA and its minions have thwarted meaningful gun safety legislation for so long, the U.S. is an armed camp, full of so many weapons, including assault rifles, that any future restrictions will hardly make a dent in our national ability to blow each other away.

So what do we do?

Here's an idea: Let's require that gun owners have liability insurance. We do that for automobiles, and cars, when operated correctly, generally do not inflict damage on lives or property. Guns however are designed to put large, deep holes in things. Repeatedly. So there's even more of a need for insuring against liability claims for the "operator" of a handgun.

Now, a lot of the gun-toting right will ignore that insurance requirement. But, if we require proof-of-insurance to purchase ammunition, then maybe they'll pay attention.

Ammunition is the key. Without ammunition, an assault rifle is just big damn paperweight. And the 2nd Amendment doesn't say anything about ammunition. (That's a little bit of a stretch, but it will keep the gun boys' teeth gnashing for a while.)

We should levy "Buck-a-Bullet" tax on ammunition. If a homeowner needs a Glock in his nightstand to feel safe at night, that's only around $20 more on his ammo tab. If some jack-in-apes wants to have 1,000 rounds, let him pay $1,000 in tax that would go to (a) mental health programs, (b) victims services programs, (c) deficit reduction or (d) all of the above.

We should do something. If we don't, we'll be back here again in few months or a few weeks.

We can find some solution, can't we? Let's start by looking at the pictures of the Newtown kids and agreeing:

It is not okay that those children will never have another Christmas.



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